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The Weber County 9/12 Project

If you have taken the time to find this website then you are probably tired of the endless bickering between left and right, liberal and conservative, Democrat and Republican and just want our leaders to do what is best for America and to live according to our Founding Documents.

Part of our mission is to encourage folks to get informed and to get involved. To learn more about what the Weber County 912 Project is doing and how you can become part of this grass roots effort, browse through the Get Involved page.

New Sections on the Site!

Paintings & Photographs is where we will feature famous images of great people and moments from our history, as well as member-contributed photographs.
Videos & Presentations, which is your source for informative videos and instructional videos. Make sure you check out the news report on border security issues in Georgia.
THIS JUST IN... We've received a link to the list from the border security story which details the numbers and nationalities of people captured by border patrol... Watch the video then take a look at the list!
And last, but not least...
The Recommended Reading List includes fantastic selections to educate, inform, and inspire you. All are recommendations by Glenn Beck, and a couple are also suggested for our reading and discussion groups.

The Current Topics section is intended to keep our members informed of the issues we are currently studying. We will use it to provide links and documents to help inform and educate you.

If you have made the decision to take action and get involved, please join us. There are many ways that you can help. The first step is to register and become a member and let us know how you would like to help.

We look forward to meeting you and working with you to restore America to where it was on 9/12/2001 when we were all working for a common cause - and to that day on September 17, 1787 when We the People did "ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America".

Special Addition to our Reading List!

The Forgotten ImmigrantThe Forgotten Immigrant - How Tolerating Illegal Immigration Hurts Immigrants (Paperback)
by Representative Chris Herrod
Cost: Approximately $16.00 (Currently out of stock at Amazon, but avaialble to purchase for $15 from Weber 9/12.)
In The Forgotten Immigrant, Utah House of Representative Chris Herrod describes his experience educating elected leaders and the general population about the danger and harm caused by tolerating illegal immigration. Despite being married to a legal immigrant from the Ukraine and having a business partner from Ethiopia, Representative Herrod has been called a racist, a fascist, unchristian, uncompassionate, a nativist, a McCarthyist, and even a foaming-at-the-mouth zealot simply because he believes that the immigration process should be fair and that the United States should not punish those who are going to great lengths to follow the law. Representative Herrod specifically counters with facts the belief that tolerating illegal immigration is compassionate. He refers to this as the compassion trap. What is compassionate depends greatly upon whose perspective one takes the person here illegally or the potential immigrant trying to come. True compassion should never come at someone else s expense.

NEW Video:
How and Why Our Justice System and Rule of Law Have Been Subverted by 'Big Money' Special Interests
Presented by:
The Independent Caucus has produced a series of disturbingly informative videos explaining some of the serious issues we face today. They take some time to load, but are well worth watching!
We recommend checking out all of their videos, but this particular video titled: "How and Why Our Justice System and Rule of Law Have Been Subverted by 'Big Money' Special Interests" goes behind the scenes -- and follows all the donations -- to see WHO is benefiting, and which companies are actively promoting amnesty for illegal aliens OR are fighting the rule of law. Scary stuff!

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