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第一节 语法和词汇知识 (15小题;每小题1分,满分15)
21. We’re sure that _____ 29th Olympic Games to be held in Beijing in 2008 will be _____ great success.
不填;a   B. the; 不填   C. the; a    D. a; a
22. It was for his absence from class rather than his failure in the exam ______ he was criticized
by the teacher.                           
  A. so
   B. which   C. why   D. that
23. Jack’s dad told him he could have ____ he wanted for Christmas, which made him very happy.                                
A. however B. whatever C. whichever D. whenever
Tom narrowly escaped _____ by a passing car on the way.
How lucky!                             
  A. to be hit     B. being hit      C. hitting   D. having hit
25. The weather _______ warm ye
sterday. I needn’t have worn so many clothes.   
A. turned out B. set out C. picked out D. carried out
26. I haven’t seen Mr Smith for a long time. ______ you happen to see him, please give him my regards.                              
A. Should B. Would C. Could D. Might
I want to attend the party.
You may not go out tonight I absolutely _____ it.             
A. forbid B. allow C. follow D. appreciate
28. The successful launch of Chang’e 1 shows China has made a major ______ in lunar explorati
on project.                           
  A. difference   B. progress   C. breakthrough   D. conclusion
29. There are about seven million people taking part in the election, most ______ are well educated.                              
A. of them  B. from which  C. who of  D. of whom
30. _____ surprised me most was _____ such a boy of 17 should have had three novels published.                               
A. What; that   B. That; what  C. What; because D. Which; that
31. Anna told me that she liked staying in China and that all the places she had visited were _______.                           
A. expensive   B. impressive    C. relative    D. alternative
Let’s ask Jim to go with us, OK?
______ The more we get together, the happier we’ll be.         
A. No way! B. Why not?  C. Never mind.  D. How come?
33. From the date ______ on the ancient vase, we can decide that it was made in the Song Dynasty.                                
A. marking    B. to be marked  C. to mark    D. marked
34. — No one knows what is _______ to happen in the future.
— That’s true.                         
A. likely      B. possibly
 C. probably      D. certainly
35. ______ on our own efforts, we overcame all the difficulties and finished the task ahead of time.       
A. Rely B. To rely C. Relying  D. Relied
第二节 完形填空 (20小题;每小题1.5分,满分30)
Even at the age of 75, Thelma was very energetic and full of life. When her 36 passed away, her children 37 that she move to a “senior living community”. Thelma, an easy-going and 38  person, decided to do so.
  39 moving in, Thelma became a self-appointed activity 40 , coordinating (
协调) all sorts of things for the people in the 41 to do and quickly became very 42 and made many friends.
 When Thelma turned 80, her 43 friends showed their appreciation by throwing a surprise birthday party for her. When Thelma 44 the dining room for dinner that night, she was 45 by a standing ovation (
热烈欢迎) and one of the coordinators led her to the head table. The night was filled with 46 and entertainment, but throughout the evening, Thelma 47 not take her eyes off a 48 sitting at the other end of the table.
 When the party 49 , Thelma quickly rose from her seat and 50 over to the man. “Pardon me,” Thelma said. “Please 51 me if I made you feel 52 by staring at you all night. I just couldn’t help myself from looking your 53 . You see, you look just like my fifth husband.”
 “Your fifth husband!” replied the gentleman. “Forgive me for asking, 54 how many times have you been married?”
 With that, a smile appeared on Thelma’s face 55 she responded, “Four.”
 They were married shortly after that.
36. A. parents    B. brother     C. husband     D. friend
37. A. required    B. suggested    C. said       D. wished
38. A. life-loving   B. honest     C. peace-loving   D. humorous
39. A. Shortly after  B. Long before   C. During     D. While
40. A. president   B. performer    C. supporter     D. director
41. A. village    B. family     C. community    D. club
42. A. satisfied    B. suitable     C. charming     D. popular
43. A. funny     B. newly-found   C. quarrelsome    D. old
44. A. entered    B. ran into     C. reached     D. moved into
45. A. shocked    B. frightened    C. met       D. greeted
46. A. smile     B. music      C. fun       D. laughter
47. A. dared     B. could      C. might      D. should
48. A. director    B. friend      C. gentleman    D. coordinator
49. A. ended    B. went on     C. began      D. continued
50. A. rushed    B. came      C. moved      D. made
51. A. allow     B. apologize    C. agree      D. forgive
52. A. guilty     B. unsociable   C. uncomfortable   D. unkind
53. A. feet      B. chair     C. route       D. way
54. A. but      B. and      C. so        D. then
55. A. before     B. as      C. though      D. after

第三部分 阅读理解(20小题;每小题2分,满分40)
Paris in springtime was, is and always will be, something rather special. Why not experience it for yourself with this excellent break for four days? This attractive city has something to offer everyone with prices at just £129. It’s of great value too.
Your break begins with executive coach transfer from a regional pick-up point and you travel to Paris via cross-channel ferry and arrive at your hotel in the evening. The Ibis is an excellent quality hotel with private facilities in all rooms: a satellite TV, a radio, a telephone and an alarm clock. It has a bar and a restaurant and is situated about two miles south of Notre Dame, enabling you to explore Paris with ease.
The following day, after a continental breakfast (included), the coach takes you on a comprehensive sightseeing tour of the city, during which you will see the Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysees, L’Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre, in fact almost every famous landmark you have ever heard of. You then leave Paris and take a short drive to the magnificent Palace of Versailles, the home of Louis XIV. The tour ends mid-afternoon back in Paris where you will have the remainder of the day for your leisure. In the evening there is a “Paris By Night” tour that shows you the beautiful buildings with bright lights.
Day three takes you to Montmartre, perhaps the most picturesque quarter of Paris and home of the Sacre Coeur and the Moulin Rouge. In the afternoon you are free to explore this beautiful city as you wish, perhaps a pleasure voyage on the River Seine, or a wander around the picturesque gardens or a look through some antique shops. In the evening you will have the opportunity to visit the best nightclub in the city, the splendid Patin. On the final day it’s time to go back to the UK via channel ferry.
Included in the price of £129 per person are the following:
Return executive coach travel to Paris
Return ferry crossings
3 nights accommodation in a two-bed room in a Central Paris hotel with private facilities
Continental breakfast during your stay
Guided sightseeing tour of “Paris By Day” and “Paris By Night”
Visit to Chateau of Versailles (admission not included)
Tour on Montmartre
Services of an experienced bilingual tour guide at all times
56. The main purpose of this passage is to _________.
  A. tell tourists the route to Paris
B. inform people about the cost of traveling to Paris
  C. introduce the city of Paris
D. attract tourists to Paris
57. During the stay in Paris, the tourists will _________.
  A. have half a day free on the third day
B. have a “Paris By Night” tour on the first evening
C. have a pleasure voyage on the River Seine together
  D. live in a hotel two miles away from Paris
58. The underlined word “quarter” in Paragraph 4 refers to “_________”.
  A. a period of time   B. district    C. the fourth part   D. exhibition
59. Besides the price of £129, each tourist will have to spend money on __________.
A. the continental breakfast
B. the tour of Montmartre
C. the admission to Palace of Versailles
D. the services of a bilingual tour guide
A new study offers some encouragement to people who are overweight, particularly for those over the age of 60. The study shows that it is fitness that matters to good health and a longer life rather than extra weight.
 A great many studies have also shown that regular exercise can do wonders for people’s health, such as lowering blood pressure, reducing levels of bad cholesterol (
胆固醇) and even preventing getting diseases related to brain.
 It seems that at least some older people have already learned about fitness. Warren Hughes has good reasons for exercising. He explains, “I want to be able to stay active and live longer and I don’t want to be limited in any way.” Other older adults agree with Hughes. Bernard Solomon, aged 83, exercises to help his heart. “What do I notice? I can do it. That’s what I notice,” he said. Caroly Wilcox exercises to help fight her osteoporosis (
骨质疏松症). She says, “I’m stronger, and have got more energy.”
 Dr Louis Aronne, an expert in weight loss, agrees that older people need to pay more attention to fitness. “We know that it is critical for older people to keep their muscle mass and to maintain enough nutrition stores by taking exercise,” Aronne said.
 Researchers followed 2,600 people over the age of 60 and found that those who were overweight but fit were more likely to live longer than those thinner but less fit. Dr Steven Blair at the University of South Carolina led the study and explained, “Even for individuals who were fat, if they were fit, they did not have a higher risk of dying.”
 However, how much exercise makes a person physically fit? Dr Blair says if you do 30 minutes of active walking five days a week, you are considered fit, whatever your weight. And people who do more have a lower death rate.
60. According to the passage, the new study has shown that ________.
  A. people are encouraged to pay less attention to being overweight
  B. fitness plays an important part in keeping healthy and enjoying a long life
  C. it’s easy to get high blood pressure if a person does too much exercise
  D. good health and a longer life have nothing to do with being overweight
61. From Bernard Solomon’s words in Paragraph 3 we learn that ________.
  A. he would not like to be limited in any way and wants to live longer
  B. he has cured his osteoporosis through exercise
  C. he belives that exercise has a good effect on his heart
  D. he is strong enough to take exersise
62. The underlined word “critical” in Paragraph 4 probably means “________”.
  A. necessary    B. possible     C. difficult     D. negative
63. Who of the following are most likely to lead a healthy life according to the passage?
  A. People who are overweight but have a fit body.
  B. People with a normal weight and a fit body.
  C. People who are thin but not fit.
  D. People who have a good income and worry about nothing.
For some scientists, every day is Groundhog Day. But these researchers aren’t looking for a shadow. They’re trying to figure out how every year groundhogs can put themselves into a state of nearly being dead. Their body temperature quickly goes down, their metabolism (
新陈代谢) nearly shuts down, and their heart rate slows to something nearly dead. Something changes these normally warm-blooded animals into cool balls.
But what? The answers could have deep implications for humans. Explaining the mystery of hibernation is necessary for deep-space travel. If future generations are to stand an interplanetary journey, researchers must learn how to use animal-like hibernation. More immediately, scientists believe the secrets of hibernation could head to great advances in stroke (
中风) treatment, injury survival and even weight control.
“Why is it that this animal can eat like people who are fat for several months and then shut off for a number of months?” asked Gregory Florant. He studies groundhogs, trying to understand how their energy regulation can change so greatly.
Contrary to popular ideas, hibernating animals don’t sleep for the winter or wake up in the spring. Hibernation is not sleep. An animal will periodically wake and then go back down into a state known as torpor (
蛰伏). The particular mark of hibernation is a great rise and fall in metabolism — wildngs in body temperature and blood flow that a person could not stand.
Since so many different mammals can hibernate, scientists believe the ability for humans to survive similar changes of metabolism is probably buried in their genetic code, which remains a mystery. “We are mammals, therefore we share genes with other mammals that can do this,” Dr Florant said. “We haven’t discovered what genes are directly involved.”
But researchers have recently gained some important breakthroughs about the process.
64. According to the passage, the groundhog is ________.
A. a kind of bird          B. a kind of cold-blooded animal
C. an animal able to hibernate     D. a kind of snake
65. According to the passage, in the state of nearly being dead, groundhogs ______.
  A. will experience great energy regulation changes
B. can still run around together
  C. must change some genes in their bodies
D. will completely shut down their metabolism
66. It is important for interplanetary journey to find out the secrets of hibernation because travelers need _______.
  A. change their body temperature
B. control their blood flow
C. stand the temperature changes in space
D. not carry so much food
67. In the next paragraph of the passage the author will probably tell us about _______.
  A. the environment for hibernating animals
B. a recent discovery about hibernation
  C. a process of hibernating
D. a recent discovery of space travel
Will newspapers disappear one day in the future? This is an old but also new topic. With the appearance and development of the Internet, some media professors one or two years ago predicted that newspapers would disappear one day from our life. To some extent, I agree with them. But when I expressed such an idea in my own blog, some friends questioned me on it.
In fact, different people have different ideas about this. Some professors and researchers think that newspapers play a less and less important role in young people’s life compared with the e-media.
From the early morning to the late night, young people are searching or reading the information they need from the Internet, but not from newspapers or other printed media. As we all know, our society belongs to the young. If they pay little attention to newspapers, they will go out of fashion and newspaper agencies will begin to run into debt. They won’t be able to make enough money for their development from advertisement fees, either. If newspapers lose their ability of earning money, how can they survive in the cruel market? Meanwhile, more and more kinds of media will appear to share the same market and audiences of newspapers. For example, mobile phones are regarded now as the fifth media because they really provide some media services such as communication and the exchange of ideas and thoughts. If technology keeps developing faster and faster, maybe in the near future we will be able to read the mobile phone newspaper on the way to work or at any convenient time. Finally, newspapers develop more slowly than other media. We can not deny that newspapers have made some progress over the years, but this progress is not enough to attract more readers, so their market share has decreased.
68. Some experts believe that newspapers will disappear because ________.
A. young people spend much time using mobile phones
B. the information on newspapers is updated too slowly
C. there will be more different kinds of media in the future
D. the Internet is developing very fast and will replace them
69. Does the author agree with the experts’ opinion?
A. Yes, totally.    B. No, hardly.    C. Yes, to some degree. D. No, not at all.
70. Which of the following statements is NOT a reason why newspapers will disappear?
  A. Young people pay little attention to newspapers.
B. Our society belongs to the young .
C. More and more newspaper agencies are in debt.
D. Newspapers develop more slowly than their rivals.
71. From the passage we learn that ________.
A. young people never read newspapers now
B. mobile phones will replace newspapers soon
C. newspapers can’t attract more people than before
D. most newspapers have lost the ability of earning money
72. What conclusion can be drawn from the passage?
  A. Science creates miracles.
  B. Men are sometimes the masters of their fates.
  C. The best way of answering a bad argument is to let it go on.
D. Doing well is better than saying well.
Want a glance at the future of health care? Take a look at the way the various networks of people concerned with patient care are being connected to one another, and how this new connectivity is being exploited to deliver medicine to the patient no matter where he or she may be.
 Online doctors offering advice based on normal symptoms (
症状) are the most obvious examples. Increasingly, however, remote diagnosis (诊断) will be based on real physiological data from the actual patient. A group from the University of Kentucky has shown that by using personal data assistance plus a mobile phone, it is perfectly practical to send a patient’s important signs over the telephone. With this kind of equipment, the cry asking whether there is a doctor in the house could well be a thing of the past.
 Other medical technology groups are working on applying telemedicine to rural care, and at least one team wants to use telemedicine as a tool for disaster relief, especially after earthquakes. On the whole, the trend is towards providing global access to medical data and experts’ opinions.
 But there is one problem. Bandwidth (
带宽) is the limiting factor for sending complex (复杂的) medical pictures around the world, and CT photos are one of the biggest bandwidth users. Communication satellites may be able to deal with the short-term needs during disasters such as earthquakes or wars. But medicine is looking towards both the second-generation Internet and third-generation mobile phones for the future of remote medical service.
 Doctors have met to discuss computer-based tools for medical diagnosis, training and telemedicine. With the falling price of broadband communications, the new technologies should start a new time when telemedicine and the sharing of medical information, experts’ opinions and diagnosis are common.
73. From the passage we learn that _________.
  A. patients don’t need to visit doctors in hospitals any more
  B. it is impossible to send a patient’s signs over the telephone
  C. many teams use telemedicine to deal with disasters now
  D. broadband communications will become cheaper in the future
74. The underlined word “problem” in Paragraph 4 refers to the fact that __________.
  A. bandwidth isn’t big enough to send complex medical pictures
  B. the second generation of the Internet has not become popular yet
  C. communication satellites can only deal with short-term needs
  D. there is enough equipment to spread medical care
75. The passage mainly tells us about _________.
  A. the online doctors
  B. the use of telemedicine
  C. medical care and treatment
  D. communication improvement

第四部分 写作(共两节,满分35)
第一节 短文改错(10小题;每小题1分,满分10)
As is known to all that the Internet is playing     76. ________
a more and more important part on our daily life.    77. ________
On it, we can not only read news at home or     78. ________
abroad but also get much information as possible.     79. ________
For example, we are often send e-mails to our 80. ________
families as well as our friends. However, we   81. ________
can go to school on the Internet, read different 82. ________
kind of books and even teach ourselves English. We 83. ________
can also enjoy music, watching sports and play computer 84. ________
games. We can even do shopping without left our homes. 85. ________
第二节 书面表达(满分25)
My best friend为题写一篇120词左右的短文,介绍自己最好的朋友,并且写出至少三条原因说明他或她为什么成为你最好的朋友。
21-25 CDBBA 26-30 AACDA 31-35 BBDAC
36-40 CBAAD 41-45 CDBAD 46-50 DBCAA  51-55 DCDAB
56-60 DABCB 61-65 CABCA 66-70 DBDCB 71-75 CADAB
(76-85 One possible version) 76. As
It 77. onin 78. orand 79. much前加as 80. 去掉are 81. HoweverBesides 82.√83. kindkinds 84. watchingwatch 85. leftleaving
书面表达 (One possible version)
My best friend
My best friend is Zhang Ming , who is a 15-year-old boy in the same class with me. Young as he is, he is quite tall and strong. We are best friends for many reasons. First of all, we have a lot of hobbies in common, such as playing Chinese chess, basketball and table tennis. Second, he is so kind that he always encourages and supports me whenever I feel tired or frustrated. I remember one time when I was ill at school, he sent me to the hospital, taking good care of me and helping me with my lessons. In addition, he is easy-going and honest. I hope our friendship lasts till the end of the universe.

21. C
。在序数词前用定冠词;success表示成功的人或事时是可数名词,泛指成功时是不可数名词。句意:我们相信2008年在北京举行的第29届奥运会将会圆满  成功。
22. D
。本题考查强调句。被强调部分是for his absence from class rather than his failure in the exam,故用that。句意:他因缺课而不是因为他这次考试的失败而受到了老师的批评。
23. B
。此题考查连接代词在名词性从句中的用法。however 意为无论如何whatever
中的wanted 缺少宾语,选连接代词。句意:杰克的爸爸告诉他圣诞节他想要什么礼物都
24. B
25. A
turn out 意为结果(是)set out意为开始;动身pick out意为挑出carry out意为执行。根据句意昨天天气很好。我没必要穿这么多衣服可知答案为A
26. A
should可用在条件状语从句中,意为万一;如果,这时也可将 should 置于从句之首,而省略连词if。句意:好长时间没见到史密斯先生了。如果你见到他,请代我向他致意。
27. A
28. C
。本题考查名词辨析。根据句中的a可排除不可数名词progressmake a breakthrough意为突破make a difference意为有影响make a conclusion意为做出结论
29. D
30. A
31. B
32. B
No way! 意为没门!Why not? 意为好呀! ( 为什么不呢?)”Never mind. 意为别介意。How come? 意为为何?根据答语后句人聚得越多,我们越快乐,可知 表示赞成,故答案为B
33. D
34. A
be likely to do表示可能做某事,主语可以是人,也可以是物。句意:没有人知道将来可能发生什么事。你说的对。
35. C
。考查分词作状语。rely on意为*”,与主语we之间是主动关系,因此用现在分词作状语。句意:依*我们自己的努力,我们克服了所有困难,提前完成了任务。
36. C
37. B
38. A
。和easy-going (随和的) 相搭配的是life-loving (热爱生活的)
39. A
40. D
41. C
。根据上文提到的内容senior living community可得知答案。
42. D
43. B
44. A
45. D
46. D
。晚会充满了笑声和欢乐,即laughter and entertainmentfunentertainment意思重复。
47. B
48. C
。根据下文replied the gentleman可知,答案为C
49. A
50. A
51. D
52. C
53. D
54. A
55. B
56. D
57. A
。根据文章第四段In the afternoon you are free to explore this beautiful city as you wish … 可知,答案为A
58. B
59. C
。根据Included in the price of £129 per person are the following下面的内容可知,C项内容不包括在内,因此答案为C
60. B
。根据文章第一段 … it is fitness that matters to good health and a longer life rather than extra weight可知,答案为B
61. C
62. A
63. B
。由文章倒数第二段可知,一个人即使超重,只要身体健康,也不容易患上疾病,并且有可能健康长寿。但是在同等条件下,标准体重的人享受健康生活的几率远远大于前者。 因此答案为B
64. C
65. A
。根据文章第三段 … trying to understand how their energy regulation can change so greatly可知,答案为A
66. D
67. B
68. D
。根据文章第一段With the appearance and development of the Internet … 可知,答案为D
69. C
。根据第一段中To some extent, I agree with them可知,作者在某种程度上是同意这个观点的。
70. B
71. C
。根据文章第三段 … but this progress is not enough to attract more readers … 可知,答案为C
72. A
73. D
。根据文章第五段With the falling price of broadband communications … 可知,答案为D
74. A
。根据文章第四段Bandwidth is the limiting factor for sending complex medical pictures …可知,答案为A
75. B

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