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SBIII Unit12 Education(教案)
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SBIII Unit12 Education(教案)


高三英语备课组      张玉


 words and expressions .


1. load n.[C] 1.) 装载;担子 The load on that beam is more than it will bear.


2.) (精神方面的)负担;重任 The good news has taken a load off my mind.


3.) (,船等的)装载量;一车( 船等)货物 The truck was carrying a load of sand.


4.) 工作量 Measures have been taken to lighten the load of the hospital

doctors. 业已采取措施减轻医院医生的负担。

vt. 1.) ,装载[(+with)] The workers are loading the ship with coal. 工人正把煤装上船。

2.) 把弹药装入(,);把胶卷装入(照相机) Don't forget to load your camera.


 3.) 使摆满;使充满;使长满 [(+with)] The air was loaded with soot. 空气充满煤烟。

 4.)大量给予[(+with)] His brothers and sisters loaded him with books. 他的哥哥姐姐送给他许多书。


. be strict with sb.    be strict in sth.    in the strict sense严格说来  

   strictly speaking 严格地说

be pleased with sb./sth.对某人(事)满意

e.g She is very strict not only _________all of us,but_________all her own work.(C)

A.in,with B.with,with C.with,in D.in,in

3.compulsory adj.强迫的, 强制的; 义务的; 必修的

compulsory education义务教育      compulsory measures强迫手段      

compulsory subjects必修科目       compulsory service system义务兵役制

Which subjects are compulsory in your school?在你们学校里,哪些课程是必修的

4.commitment(n.) 承担义务 , 献身,投入(常与to sb/sth连用)

make a commitment to do 承诺

a commitment to pay $50000 to Red Cross 承诺向红十字会提供50000美元

I've taken on too many commitments. 我承担的义务太多了。

He doesn't want to get married because he is afraid of any commitments.


5.to begin with (插入语)首先,

类似词组有:to start with; to tell the truth; to be honest; to be frank; to make

things worse

Although it had seemed a good reason, to begin with: no couple could afford to

have children.

6. skeptical  be skeptical about/of

1)I’m rather skeptical about their professed sympathy for the poor.


2)e.g. Everyone says our team will win,but I _________it.

A.am sceptical of B.am sure of C.am proud of D.am concerned about

3)I am sceptical about his chances of winning. 我怀疑他取胜的可能性。

4)The public remain sceptical of these claims. 公众对这些说法仍持怀疑态度。

5)She looked highly sceptical.她一脸深表怀疑的神色。

7.tendency (n.)    to/towards sth.   tendency to do sth.

罪犯使用枪械的上升趋势 an increasing tendency towards the use of firearms by criminals


There is a growing tendency for people to work at home instead of in offices.

8.absent  absent- minded  adj.心不在焉   be absent from 缺席

She is often absent from school/work.

absence  n.

in the absence of 在某人不在时

In the absence of Mr. Black , Miss Li gave us a lesson.

9 drop out 退学 1 退出,脱离2 退学,辍学

1).He has dropped out of active politics. 他已经不再积极参政了。

2).a word that has dropped out of the language 该语言中已经废弃的一个词。

3).One of my teeth has dropped out. 我的一只牙齿掉了。

4).She started a degree but dropped out after only a year.


5).She dropped out of school to become a waitress. 她退学去当女招待。


(vi.)(vt.)1.) 展开,张开(,翅等) The eagle expanded its wings. 老鹰展开翅膀。

 2.) 使膨胀;使扩张

3.) 扩大;扩充;发展 He is thinking of expanding his business. 他正考虑扩展他的生意。

 4.) 详述 They have expanded my view on the question.他们已更充分地阐明了我对这个问题的观点。

vi. 1.) 展开,张开

2.) 扩张;发展;增长 In ten years the city's population expanded by 12%. 十年之中,该城人口增加了百分之十二。

3.) 膨胀 Water expands when it freezes. 水结冰时体积膨胀。

A tire expands when you pump air into it. 轮胎打了气就会胀大。


expansion n.扩充, 开展, 膨胀, 扩张物, 辽阔, 浩瀚

expansive(ly) adj.扩张(), 膨胀(); [广]阔的, 浩瀚的, 广泛的

11 distribute   vt.分配; 分给; 分送; 区分; 分类; 分布; 散布

distribute...over ......配给到[分配到, 散布于]...

distribute sth. to把某物分[, ]...

distribute sth. among把某物分[, ]...

distribute books among the students把书分给学生

be distributed into three classes分为三类

distribute seeds over a field在田间播种

distribution n.分配, 分发, 配给物, 销售, 法院对无遗嘱死亡者财产的分配, 分布状态,

the distribution of wealth财富的分配

the distribution of profits利润的分配

the distribution of insects昆虫分类

distributive adj.分发的, 分配的, 分布的

12.donate vt. 捐献,捐赠[(+to)]

 She donated her books to the library.


donate blood献血

vi. 捐献,捐赠[(+to/towards)]

 My husband donates to that group every year. 我丈夫每年都捐钱给那个组织。

 donation n.[(+to)]

1.) 捐献,捐赠[U][C] She made a

donation of $5,000 to the Children's Hospital. 她捐了五千美元给儿童医院

2.) 捐款;捐赠物[C]                                        

13.profession n.

1.) (尤指受过良好教育或专门训练者,如律师、医生、教师的)职业,专业[C] She intends to make teaching her profession. 她打算以教书为业。

 2.) 同业,同行

The teaching profession claim that they are badly paid. 教师同行们声称待遇太差。

He is a leading member of the medical profession. 他是医疗业中首屈一指的医生。

by profession 为职业,做工作

I’m a carpenter by profession.我的职业是木匠。

professional adj.职业(), 业务的,从事于专门职业的,(运动等)为专业的

professional knowledge专业知识

professional men专家(尤指医生、律师等

比较:career n. 1.) (终身的) 职业,事业[C]

He wasn't interested in her stage career. 他对她的演戏职业不感兴趣。 2.) 经历;生涯;历程[C] He found it both interesting and instructive to learn about the careers of great men.


 比较:occupation n.

1.) 工作,职业[C] What is your father’s occupation? 你父亲的职业是什么?

 2.) 消遣;日常事务[C][U] He was bored for lack of occupation.他因无所事事而感到厌烦。

 3.) 占领,占据;占领时期[U] The Japanese occupation of Taiwan lasted fifty-one years. 日本占领台湾达五十一年之久。

4.) 占用;居住;占用(或居住) No one is yet in occupation of the house. 这所房子还没有人住进去。

所以,在三个表示职业的词中,profession n.(尤指受过良好教育或专门训练者,如律师、医生、教师的)职业,专业,[C]career n. (终身的)职业,事业[C]occupation n.职业,工作 [C],是一种泛指。

14. alongside  prep


The dog ran alongside me all the way.那狗一路上跟在我旁边跑。

He parked his car alongside the fence.

(2) ……之外还

We have videos,recordings and other learning aids alongside the books.

alongside of沿着,并排,一起

The cars were parked alongside of each other.那些车并排停放。


1)我拥护逐步改革的政策。I advocate a policy of gradual reform.

2)主张核武器裁军者an advocate of nuclear disarmament

16.obtain _vt. 得到,获得

1)He failed to obtain a scholarship. 他没有获得奖学金。

2)They obtained a loan from the government. 他们从政府那里得到一笔贷款。

 vi. 得到公认;通用;流行;存在

1)Those conditions no longer obtain.那些情形已不存在。

2)The custom still obtains in some areas. 某些地区仍保留着这一习俗。



1)He selected a team for the special task. 他为这项特殊任务挑选了一组人马。

2)Mr. Reed has been selected to represent us on the committee.


 vi. 做出选择,挑选

adj. 1.) 挑选出来的;精选的 A select group of their friends was invited to the wedding. 他们的经过挑选的一群朋友应邀参加婚礼。

 2.) 上等的,优等的,卓越的 She only stays at select hotels. 她只住一流旅馆。

辩析choose,select,pick out

)In choosing friends, we should take every possible care.

2)I can’t select one from these good toys, as they are wonderful.

3)”Selected works of Mao Tsetung”



pick out----比较通俗,指按个人的喜好或希望进行挑选,多用于有形的东西(人或事物)

1) You can pick out your new bicycle .

2) He looked through the suits and selected the cheapest one for me.

3) Choose the best answers.

18 suit n. (一套)衣服[C] I picked out a black suit.我挑了一套黑色西装。

vt. 1.) 适合,...的意

     Would Friday morning suit you? 星期五早上对你合适吗?

     The arrangement suited us both. 这个安排对我们两人都合适。

2.) (不用被动式) ...相配,...相称 This dress suits you beautifully. 这件衣服你穿非常合适。 3.) 使合适; 使适应 [(+to)] Her speech was well suited to the occasion. 她的讲话在这个场合十分得体。

 比较:fit作动词的用法 sth. suit sb.=look attractive on ab. 合某人身

be suited for(to)sb./sth.=be suitable or right for sb./sth.适合某人

He is better suited to a job with old pupils.他较适合教小学高年级学生。




1) This hat matches your jacket perfectly.

2) The color of the cloth suits a woman at my wife’s age.

3) These shoes don’t fit me—Have you got a large size?

4) This climate doesn’t suit her.(agree with)

Language points in reading

1. It is reported that 99% of school-age children in China attended primary school by 2004.

It is reported (said, thought, hoped and etc) that 句型结构,通常表达“据报道(据说,人们认为,人们希望


e.g. It is hoped that the children will carry on our family traditions.


2. In China, as in other countries, the government realizes that the future welfare of its citizens is closely linked to education.

be linked to 与……连接(相关)的。

e.g. The island will be linked to the mainland by a new bridge.

3.In areas where agriculture plays an important role , people do not attach importance to education, and parents are sceptical of anything that takes children away from their work on the farm.

句中wherethat都引导定语从句。 attach ... to ...(加于……之上,认为,归于,使……附属……)和be sceptical of(对……抱着怀疑的态度)是固定短语。

e.g. No blame attaches to him for the accident.


We should attach primary importance to the development of economy.


This institute is attached to the University of Texas.这个研究所附属于州大学。

4. In some cultures parents are particularly unwilling to send their daughters to school because the custom is to educate boys rather than girls.

be unwilling to do 不愿意……; rather than 胜于

e.g. These shoes are comfortable rather than pretty.这双鞋不好看,但是舒服

5.China’s large population meant that the school had to expand to take in many more students. 扩大来接纳更多的学生

take sb. in收留,留宿e.g.He was homeless,so we took him in.

take sb. in欺骗,蒙骗 She took me in completely with her story.


take sth. in吸入,吞入,改小,包含 The tour takes in six European capitals. 

6.In north and central Australia the population is so spread out that …can be as far as…

spread out 分散,伸展身体,摊开东西

1)Theres more room to spread out in first class. 头等舱宽敞些,伸得开腿。

2)Do you have to spread yourself out all over the sofa


3)The searchers spread out to cover the area faster.


as far as

as far as the eye can / could see 极目所尽

The bleak moorland stretched on all sides as far as the eye could see.


as far as I know |/as far as I can remember/see/tell, etc. 就我所知道/据我所记得的/依我看。

As far as we knew, there was no cause for concern. 就我们所知,没什么可担心的。

As far as I can see, youve done nothing wrong. 依我看,你没有做错任何事。

She lived in Chicago, as far as I can remember. 据我所记得的,她过去住在Chicago

as / so far as sb/sth is concerned |就…而言

As far as I am concerned, you can do what you like.就我而言,你想干什么就干什么。

7.To solve this, Australia uses “distance learning” methods, where the students have lessons by two-way radio and mail.

to solve this是目的状语提前,表示强调;另外句中where引导的是非限定性定语从句,修饰说明methods;此类定语从句比较特别,因为其中的引导词并非表示地点的名词,类似的名词还有case, situation, condition等。

e.g. Can you think of a situation where this idiom can be used?


8.In many developing countries there is not enough money available to provide classrooms…

. available 可获得的,可找到的,有空的

Tickets are available free of charge from the school. 学校有免费票。

When will the information be made available? 何时才能了解到情况?

Further information is available on request. 详情备索。

This was the only room available. 这是唯一可用的房间。

Well send you a copy as soon as it becomes available. 一有货我们就会给你邮寄一本去。

Every available doctor was called to the scene.所有能找到的医生都备召集到了现场。

Will she be available this afternoon? 今天下午她有空吗?

9.To equip schools some of these governments rely almost completely on aid from other countries…

. rely on /upon 依赖; 依靠

These days we rely heavily on computers to organize our work.

[+ -ing] The industry relies on the price of raw materials remaining low.

You can rely on me to keep your secret.

He can’t be relied on to tell the truth

10. In these countries, where some people do not even have fresh water or basic health care, reaching the target of “Education for All” will be a huge task, despite help from the international community.


reaching短语是句子的主语,despite是介词,其意义为“不管, 尽管, 不论”。

e.g. Despite the bad weather we enjoyed our holiday.


Language points in integrating skills

1. In other aspect you have a lot in common..

have …in common    

aspect  n.[c]  问题,事物等方面

 The training programme covers every aspect of the job.

2.. Learning style theory suggests that different people have different ways of obtaining information and use various methods to demonstrate their intelligence and ability.

suggest 不用虚拟的用法

demonstrate 证明,论证,表达,显露,示范,演示,示威(常用搭配:demonstrate +that /wh--/to do

Let me demonstrate to you some of the difficulties we are facing.


His sudden departure had demonstrated how unreliable he was. 他突然离去,这说明他多么不可靠。

The theories were demonstrated to be false. 这些理论已被证明是错误的。

We want to demonstrate our commitment to human rights.我们向表明我们对人权的信念。

Her job involves demonstrating new educational software. 她的工作包括演示新的教学软件。

students demonstrating against the war. 举行反战示威游行的学生。

3. Although experts have many ideas and categories of learning, it is evident that people learn in three basic styles……

evident adj.明白的, 明显的

It’s ~ to all that he is wrong.

evident  obvious  apparent 意思都含“明显的”。

evident多用于推理及抽象的事, 指“明显的”, :

It's evident that the plan is impracticable.很明显这计划是不能实现的。

obvious 指“容易知道或发现, 无须解释或证明的, :

It's obvious that a man isn't strong enough to lift an elephant.很明显, 一个人是不能举起大象的。

apparent 含“一目了然的”的意思, 还可指“思想上容易理解的”, :

It's apparent that you can't be trusted.很显然, 你是不可信赖的。

evidence  n.明显, 显著, 明白, 迹象, 根据, []证据, 证物

4.Learing through doing means being active in exploring the environment……

 be active in 积极参加

She takes an active part in school life.

The parents were active in campaigning against cuts to the education budget.

5. Students who have this learning style take a hands-on approach to education ……

approach vt./n. 接近,靠近,建议,要求,(待人接物或思考问题的)方法,方式,态度

We heard the sound of an approaching car / a car approaching。我们听见一辆车驶近的声音。

She approached the bank for a loan.她向银行要求贷款。

The school has decided to adopt a different approach to discipline.


She took the wrong approach in her dealings with them. 她用错误的手段和他们打交道。

6.However,resstictions of time, space, and resources often make it impossible ……

restriction(n.)限制 restrict(v.)to把…限制在…


The sale of firearms is subjected to many legal restrictions.


She restricts herself to two meals a day.


One family is resticted to having one child.




1.Measures 2. compulsory 3. tendency4. dropped 5. expanding 6. distributed 7 donated8. curriculum.

 9 advocates 10. suited


1. 出台一个法律introduce a law         2. 达到这个目标reach this target

3. 学龄儿童school-age children           4. 与……有关be linked to =be related to

5. 答应做某事make a commitment to do sth =make a promise to do sth.

6. 全民教育/ 普及教育education for all     7. 重视……,把重点放在attach importance to……

8.…对……怀疑be skeptical of           9.旷课be absent from school

10.收留,收养;包括;领会,理解;欺骗take in 11.复式班mixed-grade classes

12.分散be spread out                  13. (远)至(某处);到……程度as far as

14. 远程教学distance learning            15. 通过双向无线电by two-way radio

16. 被(利)用来做……be available to do =be used to do 17 在欠发达省市in less developed provinces    

 18. 三分之一的学生one in three students

19. 采取动手实践的方式take a hands-on approach   20. 在偏远的山区学校in remote rural schools     


1.forto  2.withto  3.littlesmall  4.forwith  5.usedusing

6.has后加been  7.learntlearning  8.bebeing  9.onto  10.inof






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