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When a group of children politely stop a conversation with you, saying:

      “We have to go to work now,” you’re left feeling surprised and certainly

      uneasy. After all, this is the 1990s and the idea of children working is

      just unthinkable. That is, until you are told that they are all pupils of

      stage schools, and that the “work” they go off to is to go on the stage in

      a theatre.

        Stage schools often act as agencies(代理机构)to supply children for stage

      and television work. More worthy of the name “stage school” are those few

      places where children attend full time, with a training for the theatre

      and a general education.


        A visit to such schools will leave you in no doubt that the children

      enjoy themselves. After all, what lively children wouldn’t settle for

      spending only half the day doing ordinary school work, and acting, singing

      or dancing their way through the other half of the day?


        Then of course there are times for the children to make a name and make

      a little money in some big shows. Some stage schools give their children

      too much professional work at such a young age. But the law is very tight

      on the amount they can do. Those under 13 are limited to 40 days in the

      year; those over 13 to 80 days.


        The schools themselves admit that not all children will be successful in

      the profession for which they are being trained. So what happens to those

      who don’t make it? While all the leading schools say they place great

      importance on children getting good study results, the facts seem to

      suggest this is not always the case.


        1. People would stop feeling uneasy when realizing that the children

      they’re talking to________.

          A. attend a stage school      B. are going to the theatre

          C. have got some work to do     D. love singing and dancing


        2. In the writers opinion, a good stage school should ________.

          A. produce star performers

          B. help pupils improve their study skills

          C. train pupils in language and performing arts

          D. provide a general education and stage training.


        3. Professional work as used in the text means ________.

          A. ordinary school work       B. money-making performances

          C. stage training at school      D. acting, singing or dancing after



        4. Which of the following best describes how the writer feels about

      stage schools?

          A. He thinks highly of what they have to offer.    

          B. He favours an early start in the training of performing arts.

          C. He feels uncomfortable about children putting on night shows.

          D. He doubts the standard of ordinary education they have reached.





        答案:1-4 A D C D



        1A 答好本题的关键是读准题。原题说stop feeling







        4D 作者对这类表演学校的态度,可以从最后一句话中看出。他说this is not always the


      阅 读


        Experts have put forward detailed plans for a tunnel to join Taiwan with

      the Chinese mainland.


        The shortest proposed route would be 126 kilometers---more than twice

      the length of the English Channel Tunnel. And the longest proposed route

      would be 207 kilometers.


        A recent conference in Xiamen, Fujian Province brought together more

      than 70 experts. The event was co-sponsored(共同发起) by universities from

      Taiwan and the Chinese mainland.


        Fujian is the province where both proposed routes would begin.


        There is no direct passenger access between the mainland and Taiwan by

      air or sea at the moment.


        Experts say that it is better to start research sooner rather than

      later, although there is a lack of government funding. There are no

      technical problems to build a Taiwan tunnel. But it will require an

      improved political relationship across the Straits(海峡).


        A professor of Tsinghua University said, "A special feature of huge

      projects is that the period of preparation is longer than the period of



        For example, he said, the English Channel Tunnel took 14 years of

      planning and had been discussed for two centuries. And preparations for

      the huge Three Gorges(三峡) dam on the Yangtze River began in the 1950s.


        The Xiamen conference focused on the longest southern route, which would

      use the Taiwan-controlled islands of Jinmen and Penghu as stepping stones.


        The first stage of the new project could be a bridge to cross the five

      kilometres between Xiamen and Jinmen. This would mean that travelling from

      Xiamen to Jinmen by car would only take five minutes.


        The longest tunnel now being planned anywhere in the world is the

      54-kilometre land tunnel to link Lyon in France with Turin in Italy. The

      tunnel will not be completed until 20152020.


        1. Which is the longest tunnel in the world at present?

        A. The English Channel Tunnel.

        B. The tunnel between Lyon and Turin.

        C. The Taiwan Straits tunnel.

        D. The passage doesn't mention it.


        2. The example of English Channel Tunnel shows __________.

        A. it's not easy to complete a huge project

        B. there are many problems to be solved before doing something

        C. discussions among countries usually take a lot of time

        D. the preparation takes longer time than the construction


        3. Which of the following is NOT true?

        A. Universities both at home and abroad have sponsored the plan.

        B. If the project is completed, the world's longest tunnel will appear.

        C. You can't reach Taiwan from the mainland directly at present.

        D. The starting point of the proposed tunnel is in Fujian.


        4. What is the possible difficulty in carrying out the plan?

        A. The lack of money for the project from the governments.

        B. Improving the relationship between Taiwan and the mainland.

        C. The detailed plans for the tunnel.

        D. The technical problems with the tunnel.





        答案:1.D  2.D  3.A  4.B






        2D 综合推理题。英吉利海峡隧道的例子在八段,这段的例子是紧接着第七段的,因此只是为证明第七段的内容。








        A thief who dropped a winning lottery ticket(彩票)at the scene of his

      crime has been given a lesson in honesty. His victim, who picked up the

      ticket, then claimed the 25000 prize, managed to trace him, and handed

      over the cash. The robbery happened when maths professor Vinicio

      Sabbatucci,58, was changing a tyre on an Italian motorway. Another

      motorist, who stopped to "to help", stole a suitcase from his car and

      drove off. The professor found the dropped ticket and put it in his pocket

      before driving home to Ascoli in eastern Italy.


        Next day, he saw the lottery results on TV and, taking out the ticket,

      realized it was a winner. He claimed the 60 million lire(里拉) prize. Then

      he began a battle with his conscience. Finally, he decided he could not

      keep the money despite having been robbed. He advertised in newspapers and

      on radio, saying: "I'm trying to find the man who robbed me. I have 60

      million for him--- a lottery win. Please meet me. Anonymity(匿名)




        Professor Sabbatucci received hundreds of calls from people hoping to

      trick him into handing them the cash. But there was one voice he

      recognized--- and he arranged to meet the man in a park. The robber, a

      35-year-old unemployed father of two, gave back the suitcase and burst

      into tears. He could not believe what was happening. "Why didn't you keep

      the money?" he asked. The professor replied:" I couldn't because it's not

      mine." Then he walked off, spurning the thief's offer of a reward.


      1.The sentence " Then he began a battle with his conscience." In paragraph

      2 implies all of the following EXCEPT that_______.

       A. he knew what he should do as soon as he saw the lottery results

       B. he hesitated about keeping the money for some time

       C. he thought for a moment of avenging himself on the robber

       D. he came to realize that honesty is more important than money  

      2. Hundreds of people phoned professor Sabbatucci because they ______.

       A. wanted to make fun of him

       B. hoped to get the money

       C. knew who the robber was

       D. lost the lottery ticket  

      3.The word "spurning" in the last sentence can be replaced by ______.

       A. accepting  B. claiming  C. rejecting  D. canceling


      4. If the story appears in a newspaper, the best title might be_____.

       A. A Thief's Lucky Day  B. A Popular Maths Professor

       C. A Magic Lottery     D. A Reward of Honesty  




        1.A  教授并不是看到彩票开奖立刻知道该怎么办,所以才会began a battle with his conscience

        2.B  这些人的目的很简单,就是想得到钱。

        3.C  通过上下文我们可以判断这里是“拒绝”。

        4.A  这篇短文的主题不是教授、不是彩票、所以只有A适合做文章的标题。



Today, roller skating is easy and fun. But a long time ago, it wasn't

      easy at all. Before 1750, the idea of skating didn't exist. That changed

      because of a man named Joseph Merlin. Merlin's work was making musical

      instruments. In his spare time he liked to play the violin. Joseph Merlin

      was a man of ideas and dreams. People called him a dreamer.

        One day Merlin received an invitation to attend a fancy dress ball. He

      was very pleased and a little excited. As the day of the party came near,

      Merlin began to think how to make a grand entrance at the party. He had an

      idea. He thought he would get a lot of attention if he could skate into

      the room.


        Merlin tried different ways to make himself roll. Finally, he decided to

      put two wheels under each shoe. These were the first roller skates. Merlin

      was very proud of his invention and dreamed of arriving at the party on

      wheels while playing the violin.


        On the night of the party Merlin rolled into the room playing his

      violin. Everyone was astonished to see him. There was just one problem.

      Merlin had no way to stop his roller skates. He rolled on and on.

      Suddenly, he ran into a huge mirror that was hanging on the wall. Down

      fell the mirror, breaking to pieces. Nobody forgot Merlin's grand entrance

      for a long time!


        1. The text is mainly about_________.

         A. a strange man

         B. an unusual party

         C. how roller skating began

         D. how people enjoyed themselves in the 18th century


        2. People thought Merlin was a dreamer because he________.

         A. often gave others surprises      B. was a gifted musician

         C. invented the roller skates       D. was full of imagination




        3. Merlin put wheels under his shoes in order to_______.

         A. impress the party guests       B. arrive at the party sooner

         C. test his invention           D. show his skill in walking on wheels



        4. What is the main point the writer is trying to make in the last


         A. The roller skates needed further improvement.

         B. The party guests took Merlin for a fool.

         C. Merlin succeeded beyond expectation.

         D. Merlin got himself into trouble.




        1.C  这是一道主旨题。从文章中可以看出该文章属于说明文体裁。就题材看属于文化类方面的文章。主要介绍的是Roller



        2.D  本题属于一道细节题。从文中的Joseph Merlin was a man of ideas and



        3.A  这是一道细节题。从文章的第二自然段的最后一句可以看出Merlin想到“滑进”房间的真正目的是get a lot of

      attention (from the guests),故A为本题的正确答案。






        For thousands of years, man has enjoyed the taste of apples. Apples,

      which are about 85 percent water, grow almost everywhere in the world but

      the hottest and coldest areas (地区). Among the leading countries in apple

      production are China, France and the United States.

      There are various kinds of apples, but a very few make up the majority of

      those grown for sale. The three most common kinds grown in the United

      States are Delicious, golden Delicious, and McIntosh.


        Apples are different in colour, size, and taste. The colour of the skin

      may be red, green, or yellow. They have various sizes, with Delicious

      apples being among the largest. The taste may be sweet or tart (酸的).

      Generally, sweet apples are eaten fresh while tart apples are used to make

      applesauce (苹果酱).


        Apple trees may grow as tall as twelve metres. They do best in areas

      that have very cold winters. Although no fruit is yielded during the

      winter, this cold period is good for the tree.


      1. It can be learned from the text that Delicious apples are


        A. grown in France.   B. sold everywhere.

        C. very big.        D. quite sweet.

      2. Cold winter weather is good for _______________

        A.the growth of apple trees.

       B. producing large apples.

       C. improving the taste of apples.

        D. the increase of water in apples.

      3. China, France and the United States are considered to _______________

       A. be large producers of apples.

       B. be large producers of applesauce.

       C. have the longest history in apple production.

        D. have the coldest winter among apple producing countries.

      4. The word yielded in the last sentence means _______________

       A. improved.  B. increased.

       C. produced.   D. sold.



        1-4 CAAC

          1.根据文中第三自然段中They have various sizes, with Delicious apples being among

      the largest. 一句可知C为本题的最佳答案。

        2.文章结尾的一句话this cold period is good for the tree便是该题的正确答案,即A。

        3.本题只要抓住文中第一自然段Among the leading countries in apple production are

      China, France and the United States. 这句话,便可得出A是正确答案。






        Maybe ten-year-old Elizabeth put it best when she said to her father,

      "But, Dad, you can't be healthy if you're dead."


        Dad, in a hurry to get home before dark so he could go for a run, had

      forgotten to wear his safety belt-- a mistake 75% of US population make

      every day. The big question is why.


        There have been many myths about safety belt ever since their first

      appearance in cars some forty years ago. The following are three of the

      most common.


        Myth the Number One: It's best to be "thrown clear" of a serious



        Truth: Sorry, but any accident serious enough to "throw you clear" is

      able going to be serious enough to give you a very bad landing. And

      chances are you'll have traveled through a windshield (挡风玻璃)or door to do

      it. Studies show that chances of dying after a car accident are

      twenty-five times in cases where people are "thrown clear".


        Myth Number Tw Safety-bets "trap" people in cars that are burning or

      sinking in water.


          Truth: Sorry again, but studies show that people knocked unconscious

      (昏迷) due to not wearing safety belts have a greater chance of dying in

      these accidents. People wearing safety belts are usually protected to the

      point of having in these accidents. People wearing safety belts are

      usually protected to the point of having a clear head to free themselves

      from such dangerous situation, not to be trapped in them.


        Myth Number Three: Safety belts aren't needed at speeds of less than 30

      miles per hour (mph).


        Truth: When two cars traveling at 30 mph hit each other, an unbelted

      driver would meet the windshield with a force equal to diving headfirst

      into the ground from a height of 10 metres.


      1. Why did Elizabeth say to her father, "But, Dad, you can't be healthy if

      you're dead"?

       A. He was driving at great speed.

      B. He was running across the street.

      C. He didn't have his safety belt on.

       D. He didn't take his medicine on time.

      2. The reason father was in a hurry to get home was that he __________.

      A. wasn't feeling very well     B. hated to drive in the dark

      C. wanted to take some exercise  D. didn't want to be caught by the people

      3. According to the text, to be "thrown clear" of a serious accident is

      very dangerous because you ________.

      A. may be knocked down by other cars.

      B. may get serious hurt thrown out of the car

      C. may find it impossible to get away from the seat

       D. may get caught in the car door

      4. Some people prefer to drive without wearing a safety belt because they

      believe _______.

      A. the belt prevents them from escaping in an accident

      B. they will be unable to think clearly in an accident

      C. they will be caught when help comes

       D. cars catch fire easily

      5. What is the advice given in the test?

      A. Never drive faster than 30 miles an hour.

      B. Try your best to save yourself in a car accident.

      C. Never forget to wear the safety belt while driving.

       D. Drive slowly while you're not wearing a safety belt.





        1.答案:C。这是一道句意理解题。从第二自然段Dad, in a hurry to get home before dark so he

      could go for a run, had forgotten to wear his safety belt--a mistake 75%

      of US population make every day. 可知,他女儿说这句话的意思是他没有扎安全带。


        2.答案:C。这是一道细节题。从第二自然段Dad, in a hurry to get home before dark so he could

      go for a run, had forgotten to wear his safety belt-- a mistake 75% of US

      population make every day. 可知,他忘记扎安全带的原因是他想赶快回家跑步,即进行体育锻炼。


        3.答案:B。这是一道细节题。从第五自然段Studies show that chances of dying after a car

      accident are twenty-five times in cases where people are "thrown clear".




        4.答案:A。这是一道理解题。从Myth Number TwoSafety-bets"trap"people in cars that are

      burning or sinking in water. 可知,人们误认为,如果扎上安全带,当汽车着火或沉入水中时,驾驶员就无法逃出车外。





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