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人教修订版高三英语unit13 同步测试B卷
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Unit 13The mystery of the MoonstoneB卷)





W:Look at the telephone bill,darling.

M:Oh,dear,we should write letters to our friends who live outside the country.

W:It sounds like a great idea.I need to cut down on my phone bill.

1What does the man mean?

A.He needs to make more phone calls.

B.Using the mail will reduce his telephone expenses.

C.His friends would rather hear his sound on the phone.

答案  B

W:May I take your order,sir?

M:I havent seen a menu yet.May I have one,please?

W:Im sorry.Heres one,sir.

M:There are so many different dishes listed that it is hard to decide.

W:The French dishes are on the left.The regular English dinners are on the righthand page.

M:Ill have the regular dinner.


2.What kinds of food are served in this restaurant?

A.French food and Chinese food.

B.Italian food and Chinese food.

C.French food and regular English food.

答案  C

M:Which train do I take for Victoria,please?

W:You can take the 9:20 train.

M:When does it get to Victoria?

W:It gets there at 11:40.

3.When does the train leave for Victoria?

A.At 9:20.B.At 11:40.C.At 12:00.

答案  A

W:We are going to Wuhan.

M:Is this your first trip to China?

W:Its my first trip,but its his second.

M:How has your trip been?

W:Its been exciting so far.I wish we could have stayed a longer time in Beijing.Theres so much to see there.

4.What does the woman think about their trip to China?

A.Its exciting.     B.Its long.     C.Its a pity.

答案  A

W:Would you like something to drink,Mr Li?

M:Oh,no,thank you.Please dont trouble yourself.

W:Are you sure you wouldnt like a cold beer,or even a coke?

M:No,really,thank you just the same.

5What would Mr Li like to drink?

A.A cold beer.    B.A coke.     C.Nothing.

答案  C




W:Do you like English?

M:Yes.But I am not good at it.They say its important to remember words in learning English,so I remember many words every day.To my disappointment,my English is still very poor.

W:Have you ever considered learning sentence or even passages by heart?Youd better remember the words in a sentence or a passage,then youll know how to use them and youll not forget them.

M:Can I do that?It sounds too difficult for me.

W:As a matter of fact,it appears easy if you study the words like that.Why dont you have a try?

6.How is the student?

A.Lazy.     B.Hardworking.     C.Clever.

答案  B

7.Why do you  think he hasnt improved his English?

A.No good method.

B.He dislikes English.

C.He has not enough time to study English.

答案  A


W:The rent of the house is $200 a month.

M:Does it include gas and electricity?

W:No,it doesnt.

M:How about heat?

W:Heat is included unless theres another increase in oil prices.Please sign here.Well sign one copy and give it to you.

M:OK,Miss.Heres a check for $600.

W:Thank you,sir.Heres the key.Please be sure to pay your rent on time.Goodbye.

8What is the man going to do?

A.To buy a house.B.To rent a house.C.To paint a house.

答案  B

9.What is included in the $200?

A.Heat.      B.Gas.     C.Electricity.

答案  A


W:Hi,Li Lei.Havent seen you for quite a while.How are you?

M:Really fine.How about yourself?

W:Could be better,but not bad.

M:Thats good.

W:It seems youve burned yourself out.

M:Pardon?Im afraid I didnt quite catch you there.

W:You look tired.You must have overworked yourself.

M:Yes,a little bit.Ive been reading the books.

W:Why have you been studying so hard?

M:I need to review my English.

W:So thats what keeps you so busy recently!

M:Yes,Ive been tired up with my studies.Now,what worries me is my English.

W:Your English is very good.

M:Youre just saying that to be nice.

W:No,Im telling the truth.As an American,I understand you quite well.

10.Who is an American?

A.The man.    B.The mans teacher.   C.The woman.

答案  C

11.What does the woman think of Li Leis English?

A.She thinks that his English is very good.

B.She thinks that his English is very poor.

C.She thinks that he should improve his English.

答案  A

12.What is probably the relationship between the two speakers?

A.They are friends.

B.They are strangers.

C.They are brother and sister.

答案  A


W:Good morning,Uncle Baker.

M:Good morning,Ann.

W:I want to have a dinner party to celebrate my birthday.Would you come?

M:Id be delighted to,Ann.What time?

W:Next weekend,on Saturday.

M:Saturday do you say?

W:If thats all right for you.

M:Im afraid Im busy then.Ive already had plans.

W:How about Sunday?

M:Im sure it will be all right.

W:Good,youd better come around 6:30 or 7:00,well have time to chat a while.

13.Why did the girl invite Uncle Baker to dinner?

A.She liked him.

B.She had no other friends.

C.She wanted to have  a birthday party.

答案  C

14.When would Uncle Baker be free?

A.On Saturday.

B.From Monday to Friday.

C.On Sunday.

答案  C

15.Why wouldnt Uncle Baker come on Saturday?

A.He only wanted to come on Sunday.

B.He would be very busy on Saturday.

C.His car was broken.

答案  B

16.What time would they meet on Sunday?

A.About 6:30 or 7:00.

B.About 7:30.

C.About 8:00.

答案  A


When you first arrive in a Western country,youll probably find that constantly ringing telephones nearly drives you crazy.But youll get used to it after a while,and youll probably come to depend on phones as much as Westerners do.

Many times in the course of a workday,or often in the evening as well,you may use telephones.In small places,like college towns,you might drop in on friends informally.But in big cities you never just show up at someones house,even a relatives,without calling first.If you want to go to a film,you might call to find out whats playing,ask the time and check the prices;if you want to take a train,bus or plane,you can call to find out the time,prices and ticket information;if you want to shop for clothes after work,you might call to ask how late the store is open before you travel all the way downtown.

17.According to the passage,what do you usually do first if you want to call on a friend in a big city?

A.Get him or her to meet you.

B.Write to him or her.

C.Telephone him or her.

答案  C

18.Why do you use the telephone quite often in your daily life?

A.You want to visit a Western country.

B.You want to learn from the Westerners.

C.You want to save time and money.

答案  C

19.Where might you drop in on friends informally?

A.In big places.   B.In large cities.   C.In college towns.

答案  C

20.What is the advice given in the passage?

A.We should get used to the telephone.

B.We should seldom use the telephone.

C.We should not live in the telephone society.

答案  A




21.The young teacher cant    in her classroom.

A.keep an orderB.keep the order

C.keep orderD.keep orders

解析  “维持秩序”是keep order,中间无冠词,order不用复数。ABD三项不合题意。

答案  C

22.   the students were hearing the exciting news!

A.How pleased        B.What a fun

C.How happily        D.What pleasure

解析  感叹句句式为:How+adj./adv.What+n.。此处译为:当听到这个令人激动的消息时,同学们有多高兴啊!B项中fun为不可数名词,前面不加冠词a修饰。D项相反。

答案  A

23.The news that her son died    her.

A.astonishing       B.astonished

C.was astonishing     D.was astonished

解析  本题考查astonish的用法,句子主语为“The news,that her son died”是同位语从句。所选动词作句子的谓语。根据题意及时态可排除ACD三项。

答案  B

24.He convinced me   the difficulty of the work.

A.on    B.at   C.for   D.of

解析  本题题意是:他使我相信了这项工作的困难。根据题意断定是考查convince sb.of sth.固定结构,因此排除ABC项。

persuade convince意思均为“说服”;前者着重情感上的“敦促、劝告”,后者着重理智方面的“辩论、证明”,两者结构相同,即:persuade(convince)sb.that...;persuade(convince)sb.of sth.persuade还可表示“说明某人做(或不做)某事”,其结构为:persuade sb.not to do sth.;persuade sb.into(out of)doing sth.

答案  D

25.   you are a doctor,what should you do?

A.Assuming   B.Think    C.Expect  D.Supposed

解析  本句句意为“假如你是一名医生,你会做些什么?”think,expect不具备“假设”之意,supposed 应改为supposesupposing

答案  A

26.Tom admitted   the window.

A.to break   B.broken   C.breaking   D.break

解析  “承认干某事”应该用“admit doing sth.,admit不与不定式、动词原形、过去分词搭配,故ABD三项不合题意。

答案  C

27.He has engaged   for years.

A.to teach          B.to teaching

C.in teaching         D.for teaching

解析  be engaged to 表示“与……订婚”;be engaged in 表示“从事……,忙于……”。句意:“他已从事教学工作多年了。”

答案  C

28.Her second novel,The Mountain Lion,   Colorado where she grew up.

A.was set in       B.was taken place in

C.happened        D.occurred

解析  本题考查固定短语be set in(发生在……)take place没有被动语态;happen,occur是不及物动词,不能接宾语,故BCD三项不合题意。

答案  A

29.He fell in love   Mary and asked her to marry him.

A.to;with   B.with;to    C.with;with    D.with;/

解析  fall in love with sb.是固定短语,意为“爱上某人”;marry“嫁、娶、和……结婚”,后面不跟介词。

答案  D

30.They put up a notice there saying   the grass(勿踏草地).

A.Keep out          B.Keep away

C.Keep up          D.Keep off

解析  “不要踩(谈、吃)等”用keep offkeep away表示“不接近……”,keep up表示“保持,维持”;keep out表示“挡住”。

答案  D

31.I was really anxious about you.You   home without a word.

A.mustnt leave         B.shouldnt have left

C.couldnt have left       D.neednt leave

解析  此题考查“情态动词+have+过去分词”的用法,这是高考的热点。shouldnt have done意为“本不应该做某事(而实际上做了)”,表示责备的语气。根据题意“我实在为你担心,你不该不吭声就离家而去”,选shouldnt have left

答案  B

32.I posted the letter a week ago.

Then they   the letter by now.It usually takes four days.

A.can have received        B.must receive

C.should receive          D.ought to have received

解析  从by now看应该是完成时态,排除BC两项,从It usually takes four days看,应是ought to“应该”。

答案  D

33.Its reported that by the end of this month the output of cement in the

factory    by about 10%.

A.will have risen          B.has risen

C.will be rising           D.has been rising

解析  由时间状语“by the end of this month”可知本句谓语用将来完成时态,BC两项不合题意。rise 表结果,故has been rising(一直在升)与“...by about 10%”不符。

答案  A

34.Martain had nothing to do but   .

A.to rest   B.rest   C.resting    D.rested

解析  介词but(除了)后面接不定式时,若前面出现实义动词do的形式,则后面的to 常常省去。

答案  B

35.   in thought,he almost ran into the car in front of him.

A.Losing          B.Having lost

C.Lost           D.To lose

解析  “be lost in thought”短语动词的意义是“陷于沉思”。动词lose作状语用时,习惯用法为过去分词,此句中表示伴随情况,有被动含义。ABD三项与主语是主动关系,故排除。

答案  C



If you are in charge of a project,the key to success is getting everyone to want to help you.As a/an36 I sometimes just gently push the actors37the direction I want them to go.

In the 198638. Nothing in Common,Jackie Gleasons39,Max Basher gets40 from his job as a clothing salesman.The scene,shot(拍摄) on a boat,shows Maxs despair(绝望) about being41.I was looking for some gesture that would 42  Max to show his feelings.

Jackie had far more experience at 43  than I did,and at first I was 44.What could I possibly tell The Great One about45?Out of fear I decided to direct by 46,and I sat down with Gleason to talk about the 47.So Max is sad,right?I said.

Gleason nodded.

And hes probably still carrying his 48 with his name on themthe ones he used to 49  to his customers,right?

Gleason nodded.

So what should you want to 50 the pens after you were fired?

He was silent for a moment.Why dont I throw them overboard?

I stood up and turned toward the crew.Hey,everybody,Jackie has a wonderful idea.Lets 51 it.

After 52 the scene,Gleason called me over and 53  with a smile,Garry,what kind of wonderful54 am I going to have tomorrow?...

You and your team can discover answers to problems55.When there are no prizes or gold medals for who gets the solution first,youll all benefit when everything turns out right.

36.A.editor            B.director

C.photographer         D.politician

解析  本题考查名词。与下文“Out of fear I decided to direct by...”可知,作者是位导演(director)

答案  B

37.A.on   B.to   C.in    D.by

解析  本题考查固定短语。in the direction of...的意思是“向……方向”。

答案  C

38.A.opera   B.movie   C.book    D.story

解析  本题考查名词。与下文中的“the scene,shot on a boat,shows...”对应可知,movie为最佳选项。

答案  B

39.A.character   B.employee   C.coworker   D.actor

解析  本题考查名词。通读全文可知:在电影中Jackie Gleason所扮演的角色(character)Max Basher

答案  A

40.A.separated   B.paid     C.hired     D.fired

解析  本题考查动词。与下文中的“...what would you want  to do with the pens after you were  fired?”对应可知,片中的主人公被解雇(get fired)了。

答案  D

41.A.at work           B.out of date

C.at river            D.out of work

解析  与下文中的“...what would you want to do with the pens after you were fired?”对应可知,Max因为失业(be out of work)而绝望不已。

答案  D

42.A.persuade   B.determine    C.allow    D.make

解析  本题考查动词。本句意思是“我在寻找某种能让Max尽情抒发其情感的动作或姿势”,allow sb.to do sth.允许/许可某人做某事。

答案  C

43.A.anything           B.everything

C.something            D.nothing

解析  本题考查不定代词。由于Gleason是电影界的“the Great One,因此作者自谦地说“在拍电影方面,他的经验都比我多得多(Jackie had far more experience at everything than I did.)”。

答案  B

44.A.frightened    B.excited    C.surprised    D.worried

解析  本题考查逻辑联系。由下文“Out of fear...”对应可知,起初我很担心,害怕(be frightened)

答案  A

45.A.boating    B.throwing    C.acting   D.shooting

解析  本题考查逻辑联系。由上下文可知,在拍电影时演员的主要任务就是“表演(acting)”。

答案  C

46A.gestures         B.encouragement

C.suggestion         D.explanation

解析  从下文中的几句对话可知,作者作为导演是通过“暗示、联想(suggestion)”的方法来指导Jackie Gleason拍摄该场景的。

答案  C

47.A.situation        B.condition

C.scene           D.background

解析  本题考查名词。与上文“The scene,shot on a boat...”对应可知,此处应选“场景(scene)”。

答案  C

48.A.bags   B.pens    C.notebooks    D.papers

解析  本题考查名词。与下文中的“...what would you want to do with the pens after you were fired?”对应可知。

答案  B

49.A.hand out   B.hand in    C.pick out    D.get out

解析  本题考查动词词组。作为一名服装推销员,他总是把一些印有自己名号的钢笔分发(hand out)给顾客以招揽生意。

答案  A

50.A.deal with  B.deal out    C.sell out     D.do with

解析  本题考查名词。本题考查动词短语的区别与用法,do with最适合语境。

答案  D


解析  本题考查动词。与上文“the scene,shot on a boat...”对应可知,让咱们来“拍摄(shoot)”吧。

答案  D

52.A.visiting    B.filming     C.creating     D.puting

解析  由上下文可知,拍摄(film)完该镜头后,Gleason给我打了一个电话。

答案  B

53.A.said     B.spoke    C.told    D.bent

解析  本题考查动词的区别与用法。

答案  A

54.A.answer    B.solution   C.medal   D.idea

解析  本题考查名词。与上文中的“Jackie has a wonderful idea...”对应可知,明天我还会想出什么样的好主意(idea)呢?

答案  D

55.A.together   B.separately   C.extremely    D.completely

解析  本题考查副词。与文章首句对应可知,您和手下应该团结协作、共同(altogether)努力以找出问题的解决办法。

答案  A




Guangzhou Morning Post

Guangzhou Morning Post,an English language newspaper under the Guangzhou Daily Press Group,is mainly circulated in the city of Guangzhou and the surrounding Pearl River Delta Region,as well as nationwide.It is the first of its kind in prosperous South China.

Do you want to learn about Guangzhou?Well keep you abreast(赶得上) of the times,and informed of the latest events in Guangzhou and its customs.

Do you want to find a job or study in Guangzhou?We can provide you with accurate job market information.

Do you want to travel in Guangzhou?We are the best and the cheapest guide.

Morning Post has uptodate information and is sure to become your first choice.

*A weekly paper with 12 broadsheet pages,Morning Post features fullcolour printing as well as impressive pictures and exclusive(惟一的) stories.Morning Post is issued every Friday with a monthly subscription (订阅) rate of 4.2 yuan.

*Readers can subscribe to Morning Post at the local post office,code:45111.A free sample paper is provided upon request.

*Readers can also call 185 to subscribe.Please call 02081914927 for further information.

56.Which of the following items may not appear on Guangzhou Morning Post according to the ad?

A.Peoples customs of Guangzhou.

B.Information about studying in Guangzhou.

C.Information about travel agencies in Guangzhou.

D.How to speak good English.

解析  推理判断题。结合第二、三、四段用排除法可知。

答案  D

57.The underlined word uptodate can be taken the place of by the  

word     in the ad.

A.surrounding           B.properous

C.latest              D.impressive

解析  词义推测题。结合报纸新闻的特点就是“快、新”这一常识和该词所在的后半个分句可推知。

答案  C

58.If you subscribe to this paper one year,it will cost you    yuan.

A.100.8     B.50.4    C.42    D.25.2

解析  数字计算题。从“with a monthly subscription rate of 4.2 yuan”知一月要4.2元,一年12个月就要50.4元了。

答案  B


Everywhere we look,we see an American running.They run for every reason anybody could think of.They run for health,for beauty,to lose weight,to feel fit and because its the thing they love to do.Every year,for example,thousands upon thousands of people run in one racethe Boston Marathon,the bestknown long distance race in the United States.In recent years,there have been nearly five thousand official competitors,and it takes three whole minutes for the crowd of runners just to cross the starting line.You may have heard the story of the great runner Pheidippides.He ran from Marathon to Athens to deliver the news of the great victory 2500 years ago. No one knows how long it took him to run the distance.But the story tells us that he died of the effort.Today,no one will die in a Marathon race.But the effort is still enormous.Someone does come in first in this tiring foot race.But at the finishing line,we see what this race is not being first,but finishing.The real victory is not over ones fellow runners,but over ones own body.Its a victory of will power over fatigue(疲劳、疲乏).In the Boston Marathon,each person who crosses that finish line is a winner.

59.What happened to the ancient Greek runner Pheidippides according to the passage?

A.He died because of fatigue.

B.He gave up because he was tired out.

C.He won the first prize for the famous distance race.

D.He fell behind the other runners in the race.

解析  细节理解题。由文章中的“No one knows how long it took him to run the distance.But the story tells us that he died of the effort.”可以推知选项A正确。

答案  A

60.Who is a winner in the competition in the opinion of the writer?

A.Any runner who breaks the record.

B.Any runner who runs to keep healthy.

C.Any runner who covers the whole distance.

D.Any runner who does not break the rules.

解析  细节理解题。由文章中的“In the Boston Marathon,each person who crosses that finish line is a winner”可知选项C正确。

答案  C

61.Whats the real victory for the thousands of Marathon runners?

A.The victory over former winners.

B.The victory over ones fellow runners.

C.The victory of ones physical strength.

D.The victory of willpower over fatigue.

解析  细节理解题。由文章中的“The real victory is not over ones fellow runners,but over ones own body.Its a victory of will power over fatigue”可以推知选项D正确。

答案  D

62.Which of the following statements is NOT true according to the passage?

A.At present no one will lose his life in a Marathon race.

B.In the USA no matter where we look,we can see an American working.

C.In America the Boston Marathon is the best famous long distance race.

D.Its said that the great runner Pheidippides ran from Marathon to Athens to send the news of the great victory.

解析  正误判断题。由文章第一句话“Everywhere we look,we see an American running”可知选项B与文章意思不相符,故应选B

答案  B


Global warming is a reality.Theres no question that greenhouse gases are there and that they are going to increase.They have a residence(存在) time of about 300 years in the atmosphere,so its going to take a long time.We really have to do two things.One is that we have to live with a world that has a different climate from what it has today,and that we have to learn how to be more energy efficient.

Over the past several decades there has been an active international debate over the cause of global warming.The question is whether the recently recorded increase in extreme and unpredictable(不可预知的) weather worldwide is due to natural variations in weather cycles,or whether it results from global warming brought about by burning fossil fuels.

However,over the past few years,the evidence increasingly points to the fact that these changes are occurring as a result of mans activities on the planet.There is now a growing consensus(舆论) among both scientists and politicians that global warming is a manmade effect and that it will get worse in the time to come.

We can no longer say we are still unsure whether extreme weather events are caused by global warming or not,says a scientist doing climate research.When we look at the floods in some places,at the storms that hit France,at the absence of winters in Britain over the past few years,at the avalanches(雪崩) in the Alps,we are witnessing events that are now clearly affected by human actions.

The consequences of global warming could become catastrophic(灾难的) and it is already becoming a serious global economic and human problem.It is reported that temperatures in some places have risen higher than ever.The incraese in extreme weather conditions over the past two decades led to an increase in stormy conditions.And more fires break out because of high temperatures.Humans really have to find a solution to this problem.

63.In the 1st paragraph the underlined wordthey refers to   .

A.gases           B.greenhouse gases

C.greenhouses        D.questions

解析  词义推测题。由该句上文中的“...theres no question that greenhouse gases are there and that they are going to increase”可知选项B正确。

答案  B

64.According to the passage,the two very things we have no  choice but to do are   .

a.to live with a planet that has a different climate from what  it has at present

b.to take some measures to settle the problem of global warming

c.to learn how to make use of energy more efficiently

d.to do more research work about global warming

A.a and b    B.b and c    C.c and d    D.a and c

解析  细节理解题。由文章第一段的“We really have to do two things.One is that we have to live with a world that has a different climate than it has to day,and that we have to learn how to be more energy efficient”可以推知选项D正确。

答案  D

65.According to the passage,global warming mainly results from.

A.burning too many fossil fuels

B.natural changes in weather cycles

C.the activities of the human beings on the earth

D.waste gases from cars and so on

解析  推理判断题。由文章第三段的“However,over the past few years,the evidence increasingly points to the fact that these changes are occurring as a result of mans activities on the planet”可知选项C正确。

答案  C

66.According to the passage,global warming is likely to result in.


A.a,b,c and e        B.a,c,d and e

C.a,c,e and f        D.a,b,c and d

解析  细节理解题。通读第四、五段可知选D

答案  D


I have been very lucky to have won the Nobel Prize twice.It is,of course,very exciting to have such an important recognition of my work,but the real pleasure was in the work itself.Scientific research is like an exploration of a voyage of discovery.You are continually trying out new things that have not been done before.Many of them will lead nowhere and you have to try something different,but sometimes an experiment does work and tells you something new and that it really exciting.However small the new finding may be it is great to think I am the only person who knows this and then you will have the fun of thinking what this finding will lead to and of deciding what will be the next experiment.One of the best things about scientific research is that you are always doing something different and it is never boring.There are good times when things go well and bad times when they dont.Some people get discouraged at the difficult times but when I have a failure my policy has always been not to worry but to start planning the next experiment,which is always fun.

It is very exciting to make a new discovery.Some people will do the strangest things for this excitement,such as going round the world in a balloon or walking to the North Pole.There are not many new places to explore but there is a lot of new information to be discovered in science and a journey into this unknown area can be much more worthwhile and just as exciting.

I am sometimes asked,What do I have to do to win a Nobel Prize? My answer is I dont know.I have never tried.But I know of one way not to win one.There are some people whose main reason for doing science is to win prizes and are always thinking about how to do it.Such people dont succeed.To do good science you must be interested in it and enjoy doing experiments and thinking out problems.And,of course,you must be prepared to work hard and not to be too discouraged by failures.

67.In the authors eyes his greatest pleasure in all his lifetime is.

A.to win the Noble Prize for the first time

B.to be awarded the Noble Prize for the second time

C.in the work itself

D.to have a much more important recognition of his work

解析  细节理解题。由文章第一段的“I have been very lucky to have won the Nobel Prize twice.It is,of course,very exciting to have such an important recognition of my work,but the real pleasure was in the work itself”可以推知选项C正确。

答案  C

68.Why did the writer think scientific research to be one of his best work?

A.You will be able to win the Nobel Prize through the scientific research.

B.You can make as much money as possible by doing the scientific research.

C.You may continue doing with something different and exciting,and so you can never be tired of doing the scientific research.

D.You can get much more chances of promotion by making the scientific research.

解析  细节理解题。与文章第一段的“One of the best things about scientific research is that you are always doing something different and it is never boring”对应可以推知选项C正确。

答案  C

69.What would the writer do when he had a failure?

A.He would forget about this failure and start the next experiment.

B.He used to be worried about it for several days and never forget it.

C.He always gave up his study as the result of the failure.

D.He used to think out the reasons and then continue to do it again.

解析  细节理解题。由文章第一段的“when I have a failure my policy has always been not to worry but to start planning the next experiment,which is always fun”可知。

答案  A

70.What should you have to do in order to do well in your scientific study?

A.You must carry out the experiments again and again,and you ought to enjoy doing them.

B.You must be interested in your study and be always thinking out your problems all the time.

C.You will have to be prepared to work hard and not to be discouraged by failures.

D.All the above.

解析  细节理解题。与文章第三段的“To do good science you must be interested in it and enjoy doing experiments and thinking out problems.And,of course,you must be prepared to work hard and not to be too discouraged by failures”对应可以推知选项D正确。

答案  D

71.Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the passage?

A.The author could still keep calm when he heard the news that he had won the Nobel Prize.

B.The writer always gave up his courage when he met with some difficulties in the course of his scientific research.

C.In the field of science there are still many new things which need to be studied further.

D.There are still many new exciting places to explore in the world.

解析  正误判断题。由文章第一段的“I have been very lucky to have won the Nobel Prize twice.It is,of course,very exciting to have such an important recognition of my work”可知选项A不正确;由文章第一段的“when I have a failure my policy has always been not to worry but to start planning the next experiment”可知选项D不正确;正确选项C与文章第二段的“There are not many new places to explore but there is a lot of new information to be discovered in science and a journey into this unknown area can be much more worthwhile and just as exciting”对应。

答案  C


At 2:30 on December 51945,five US Navy(海军) training planes took off in clear weather from the base Lauderdale,Florida.The planes flew east over the coast...and disappeared.The group was Flight 19,on a run between Florida and Bahamas.Tailor was the group leader.At about 3:40,Tailor reported that his compasses were not reading properly.The other planes followed their leaders aimlessly,first east,then west,then northeast over the ocean,as Tailor tried to make sure of the direction by radio.Then,suddenly Tailor was heard to give orders to dive...

Quickly,two giant Martin seaplanes were sent up to search for Flight 19.Several hours later,the wind became strong and visibility(能见度) dropped.A return to base was ordered.But only one of the Martin seaplanes landed.Four days later,the Navy and Coast Guard combed a 100 000 squaremile area with more than 100 planes and ships.No sign was ever shown of the missing planes.

Today,people have noted the disappearance of many ships and planes in the southwest part of the North Atlantic and began to call this area the Bermuda Triangle(百慕大三角区).

The points of the triangle are Bermuda,Puerto Rico and a spot in the Gulf of Mexico,west of Florida.It is a twofaced water world of tiny islands,bright beaches and beautiful waters.Yet thick fogs,powerful currents(急流) and sudden storms are hidden behind this smiling surface.

72.In what position did Flight 19 disappear?

A.In the southwest part of the North Atlantic Ocean.

B.In the northeast part of the North Atlantic Ocean.

C.To the southwest part of Bermuda in the Atlantic Ocean.

D.To the northeast part of Bermuda in the Atlantic Ocean.

解析  细节理解题。见第三段:今天,我们已经记录了很多船只和飞机在北大西洋西南部的百慕大失踪。

答案  A

73.How many planes disappeared altogether that day?

A.Five.B.Six.C.Two.D.Only one.

解析  细节理解题。有“five US Navy training planes”和“one of the Martin seaplanes”失踪。

答案  B

74.Which of the following shows the correct position of the Bermuda Triangle?(F=Florida,Bm=Bermuda,PR=Puerto Rico,Bh=Bahamas,MG=the Gulf of Mexico,Atl=the Atlantic Ocean,B=Base)

解析  细节理解题。

答案  A

75.The underlined word “combed in the passage means   .

A.covered with           B.flew over

C.did up ones hair with a comb  D.searched all over

解析  词义推测题。从此词所在的句意看,combed意为四处寻找,故选D

答案  D









Parents can be examples for their children.Here is story.76   .

One day a little boy watches his parents planting flowers in the garden,77   .

and he then learned to water and look after the little plant.When he78   .

saw that the flowers were growing well,he shared the happy with his79   .

parents.Their hardly work resulted in beautiful flowers in full bloom,80   .

and the boys father proudly picked a flower and gave it to his wife to81   .

show her love.But,to their surprise,the boy picked all the flowers and82   .

presented them to his parents.Only at this moment the parents realize83   .

the great effects where their behavior had on their children.84   .

But I think that parents should try to be good teachers.85   .


76.story前加a               77.watcheswatched

78.plantplants              79.happyhappiness

80.hardlyhard               81.

82.herhis                 83.the前加did

84.去掉wherewherethat         85.ButSo


美国某中学校刊编辑部以“Why Are Bikes So Much Used In China?”为题向你约稿,请根据下列要点用英语写一篇短文。







2.参考词汇:交通工具:means of transportation


Why Are Bikes So Much Used In China?

Bicycles are a convenient means of transportation.You can go wherever you like by bike on a short trip.It is easy to go to work or school by bike,as most of the Chinese live not far from where they work or study.Riding bicycle is also good exercise.It can help build our bodies.

Bicycles are not expensive.It is not difficult for each Chinese family to own two or three bikes.And whats more,riding bicycles can save energy.China has a population of 1300 million.If each family owned one car,a great deal of energy would be wasted,and serious air pollution would be caused.

Thats why bicycles are so much used in China.


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