an adventure story
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It was a sunny day when Colin and his parents went to the Cobequid Bay to fly a kite. The clouds were white and the winds were gentle. Colin was standing on the Red Rock, holding the kite string tightly.

"We must leave soon before the tide one comes in," Dad said.

Colin wasn’t listening. His eyes were fixed on the kite, and he was also busily eating his sandwich.

 "We can finish our picnic on the higher ground over there," suggested Mum. Then she started to step down from the rock. Dad crossed the beach and stepped onto the higher ground. They didn’t notice that Colin wasn’t following. He was left on the rock alone.

 Colin realized Mum and Dad had gone. If the tide came in, Colin would have to spend all night here on this rock. The wind was blowing heavily, and the sky was getting dark. Tidewater began flowing at the base of the rock. Colin was still determined to take his kite back. It was a birthday gift from his uncle.

 "Mum! Dad!" Colin called. He found them waving from the higher ground. Colin heard water flowing in the darkness. Some water even got his shoes wet. Colin was so tired that he wanted to sit down and rest. However, he waited for some kind of miracle. And it happened!

Suddenly a quick and powerful wind blew from the ocean. Colin’s kite lifted high, dragging him along. Thankfully Colin didn’t eat his extra sandwich. The powerful wind blew the kite and Colin towards the higher ground. Colin held tightly onto the red spool(轴线 )of the string. Before long, Colin was directly over his parents. His dad’s strong arms reached up, grabbed Colin’s legs and pulled him down. Colin was so excited that he forgot his kite which carried him here. In fact, he still held tightly onto the spool of string. The kite was flying in the sky and making circles.

来源:荣县中学  编辑:吕国生
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